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Trinity - Qigong and Tai Chi


After a lot of thought and consideration I finally settled  on 'Trinity' as the name of my school of Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation, thinking that it ideally reflects what I teach, and some of the important principles and concepts found in Qigong, Tai Chi and Traditional Chinese Medicine.  

Three relates to the most fundamental principle in Qigong practice referred to as the 'Three Regulations' or 'Three Adjustments'. Where through practice we look to achieve harmony and unity of body, breath and mind into one. This is important point is what differentiates Qigong from any regular exercise or fitness.

Three also relates to 'Heaven, Man and Earth'  Our relationship with the universe and how the three are directly related and help to achieve harmony of Yin and Yang.

Three Treasures relates to the concepts of  Jing (Essence of Life) Qi (Energy) and Shen (Spirit); It is one of the most important theories found in TCM and Qigong. The Three Treasures are the fundamental substances and basic elements of forming and maintaining life's vital activities. This Trinity can mutually transform, generate and enhance each other. Qigong masters in the past and today attach great importance and to and have accumulated a wealth of practical experience, which makes this significant to Qigong exercise.

Three Dantians, (Elixir fields) are the three areas where we can focus and concentrate our energies and located in the head, chest and navel.

A little bit about our teacher, Tony Childs


Tony's background is in traditional Japanese martial arts of Karate, Iaido and also Yoga, He has been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong since 2001, Health Qigong since 2007 and teaching Health Qigong since 2009. His goal is to help you maximize the health benefits through practice of Qigong and Tai ChI, and to share his knowledge and experIence with you, passin on his love of these wonderful, body, mind  and breath enhancing arts.

Qualifications and Experience:

Qigong; In 2007 Tony was one of the first people in the U.K. to be introduced to Health Qigong. Since then he has attended seminars, symposiums and conferences every year, organised by the Chinese Health Qigong Association and International Health Qigong Federation, in China, the U.K. Europe, Asia and America. He is recognised and respected within the International Health Qigong community as being a dedicated, hard working and passionate teacher, and lifelong student of qigong.

Tai Chi: Tony has been practicing Yang Family Tai Chi since 2005 at Shikon Martial Arts, directly under head teacher Steve Rone and Sifu Martin Gatter, and is a now a certified Shikon Tai Chi Club Coach. Shikon are an extremely well organised and respected martial arts organisation with the very highest standards of teaching, technical knowledge and ethics. Tony feels that it is an honour and privilegege to continue his study and practice at Shikon Martial Arts.


5th  Duan, International Health Qigong Federation.

Level Two Coach, British Council Chinese Martial Arts.

Technical Director, Health Qigong Federation UK

Tai Chi instructor, Shikon Martial Arts.

ITEC Diploma Anatomy & Physiology.


Tony has taken part in many European and World competitions organised by the CHQA and IHQF on three continents and has won many Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, and coached individuals and teams to international success.