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August Health Qiqong Workshop Saturday 17th August.

Saturday 17th August,10 am to 1pm.

We will introduce you to two marvellous Qigong and Daoyin routines: 

Yi Jin Jing (muscle, tendon strengthening routine) 

& Daoyin, Six movements to improve the Qi to promote 


YI JIN JING (Muscle, tendon strengthening routine)

Yi Jin Jing focuses on smooth extended movements of the spine, vertebrae, ligaments, tendons and fascia combined with gentle. The movements are carried out with a relaxed body and mind and can lead to improved fitness, strength, flexibility, better circulation of blood and Qi, leading to improved health, and useful in prevention of illness and help rehabilitation.

Daoyin, Six movements to improve the Qi to promote 


Dao Yin’ is an ancient Chinese art which means 'leading and guiding the Qi’ it is a traditional form of Chinese physical, mental exercises, combining smooth controlled breathing techniques with mental calmness, focus and intention. It is also referred to as Yang Sheng which means 'nourishing or nurturing life’ the exercises promote controlled breathing and concentration, enhancing the flow of blood, Qi / energy throughout the body. 


Open to beginners and experienced practitioners.

Cost £15 Monthly payed students , £20 others.



Shrewsbury House Community Centre,

Shooters Hill,

SE London, SE18

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