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YI Jin Jing (muscle tendon strengthening routine) Three Hour Workshop.

Health Qigong Workshop,

Yi Jin Jing (muscle tendon strengthening routine) and 13 posture Qiqong.

Saturday 28th September, 10am to 1pm

Shrewsbury House Community Centre,

Cost £20 Class monthly payees only £15


Following last months successful seminar we will revisit this wonderful practice providing you with detailed explanations relating to each of the postures and movements.

Developed in China by masters over hundreds of years including current research conducted by the Chinese Health Qiqong Association, Yi Jin Jing has been shown to be a physical, mental practice which can strengthen the body and release long held stress and tension. The joints, spine tendons, ligaments and spine become very strong yet relaxed. Unnecessary tension is released from the joints and muscles, making them more flexible and elastic. The routines uses long, deep, smooth breathing, mental concentration and awareness to achieve a calm focused, relaxed mind. 

The Yi Jin Jing is renowned for assisting pain relief in the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the neck, shoulders and back. Regular practice promotes physical and mental well-being, prevents illness, strengthens the body, helps improve balance and coordination and prolongs life. It is simple to learn and suitable for people of all ages.beginners and advanced to and help to understand body, breath, Qi, and meridians.

The workshop is open to anyone, and recommend you book early as spaces are limited.



Tony Childs,

Technical Director,

Health Qigong Federation UK & Trinity Qiqong & Tai Chi.

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