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Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and Seminars

Health Qigong Workshop,

Chinese Health Qigong, Wu Qin Xi (Five Animals Routine)

Saturday 13th April, 10am to 1pm

Shrewsbury House Community Centre,

Shooters Hill, South East London,

Cost: Regular class members, £10, others £20

Beginners and improvers welcome 

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Chinese Health Qigong, Wu Qin Xi 

Courage and strength of the tiger.

Calmness and poise of the deer.

Heaviness and solidity of the Bear,

Nimbleness and Dexterity of the monkey, and,

The swiftness and grace of the bird.

In Wu Qin Xi we combine internal and the external, relaxing the body and concentrating the mind on the characteristics of the animals, promoting the circulation of Qi and blood, whilst improving the flexibility of the limbs,tendons and muscles. At the same time integrating the dynamic movements of the body with calmness of the mind, entering into a relaxed mood eliminating any mental distractions.

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