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Health Qigong


Qigong is one of the traditional Chinese exercises and healing techniques, and was originally part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial Arts in ancient China. Confucians practice  Qigong to cultivate mind and body, Taoists and Buddhists do it to transcend worldliness; Chinese medical physicians use it to cure illness and keep fit; and Martial Artists practice it for self-defence. Qigong is a Psychosomatic practicing skill that adjusts body, breathing and mind into one.


Qigong came from two separate words, Qi and Gong. Qi means air, breath, meditation, imagination also Qi in Chinese means energy. Gong means skill, movement, exercise, practise, so, putting the two words together means using the mental power or imagination to lead your breathing and also physical movement to keep fit. They include physical exercise with control breathing to lead the Qi energy to flow in the body following the acupuncture channels, by doing so to balance the body functions and timprove mental and physical functions. The routines are very simple and practical self-healing techniques.


Qigong is a Psychological practising skill that adjusts body, breath and mind into one. The first is to adjust posture and movement, the second is to adjust and regulate breathing, and the third is to adjust mental concentration. There is strong evidence that regular Health Qigong  practice greatly improves general health In many cases practitioners can recover from long-term illness. In modern times it is very popular to be used for fitness purposes. Currently millions of people practising Health Qigong every day in China and is now practiced in forty countries around the worl.


The Chinese Health Qigong Association after many years of studies and researches intr  9 simplified forms of Health Qigong purely for health and keep-fit purposes. 

Qiqong Routines

Zhan Zhuang - Standing Post


1. Ba Duan Jin - Eight Treasures 

2. Liu Zi Jue - Six Healing Sounds

3. Yi Jin Jing - Muscle, Tendon Strengthening Routine 

4. Wu Qin Xi - Five Animals Routine

5. Ma Wang  Dui - Mawangdui Daoyin Routine

6. Daoyin Yangsheng Gong, Shi Er Fa - Daoyin 12 Step Health Preservation Routine

7. Shi Er Duan Jin -  Twelve section Routine

8. Tai Ji Yang Sheng Zhang - Tai Chi Stick Routine

9. Da Wu - Big Dance Routine

Dao Yin Routines

  • Thirteen movements to stretch the body and make it more supple.
  • Dao Yin Bao JIan Gong - Dao Yin General Health Routine.
  • Eight movements to Make the Muscles and Tendons More Supple and Strengthen the Bones
  • Nourish the Blood & Tonify the Qi.
  • Dao Yin routine to Regulate the Heart.